Toggle latch material

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Toggle latch material

The toggle latch has the characteristics of small size and no space, and can be fastened and released quickly.
The springs on both sides have a pressing function, which can keep the object tight. toggle latch usually uses two materials, 304 stainless steel or iron with chrome plating or zinc plating with nickel plating.
These two materials are the most widely used and popular materials in industrial production. Its good toughness and super corrosion resistance are the main reasons for its wide application.
Spring toggle latches are generally stamped and formed, and stainless steel materials are stamped and formed with stainless steel plates. The conventional thickness of stainless steel plates is 1mm, 2mm, 3mm. Stainless steel can maintain good essential characteristics whether it is used indoors and outdoors. Corrosion and rust resistance.
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