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Why stainless steel latch so widely used in the industrial field?

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Update time : 2021-03-02 16:59:16

Stainless steel toggle latches are widely used in industries such as stainless steel sheet metal box equipment, instrument electromechanical equipment, packaging and logistics equipment, special vehicle equipment, network communication equipment, and rail transit equipment.

Unlike traditional locks, toggle latches can be quickly opened and closed, and according to different use environments, they can have the effects of sealing, waterproofing, and sound insulation.

working principle:
The working principle of the latch is based on the process of tightening or fastening between two parts. One part does not move, and the other part moves relative to that part. This movement often has an effect on the stationary part.
   When there is this kind of force and relative movement, the moving part will reach a critical point. After the critical point, a fixed fastening force will be reached, and the two parts will be relatively stationary. At this time, they are fastened to each other.

  Some industrial equipment will vibrate strongly during work, this kind of spring buffer buckle can play a buffering role and prevent the buckle from loosening.