Stainless steel handles fastener

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Author : Susan
Update time : 2020-10-21 14:00:33

The application range of stainless steel handle is quite extensive, it is one of the important auxiliary accessories of doors and Windows and their accessories, curtain wall, container, exhibition cabinet, interior and facade decoration.



Today I would like to share with you the choice of stainless steel handle from the aspect of craft production, hoping to solve your problems.




Cost-effective stainless steel door handle products, the need to have a better production process.



From different types of stainless steel handle knob production technology level is analyzed, and the ability to use stamping operation to construct the finished products, analysis all aspects of stamping will be within the size of 4 mm thick, and casting can make out the shape and characteristics, and thickness size can also be in accordance with the idea to design the user expectations to install applications.

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